Export Schedule D to Tax Software


The Export features provide an electronic method for moving date from TA into a file. This is useful if you wish to use spreadsheet software or tax software.

Export File Types

The File/Export feature creates import ready files for various software.  Each destination software has a different preference.  The difference between the recommended and alternative exports is one uses -ve sales and the other uses +ve sales to adjust for wash sale.

  1. Export Transaction History (read this file using Excel, Word or NotePad)
  2. Export To Tax Software (read this using tax software)
  3. Export Grouped Transactions (read this using Excel, Word or NotePad)

Export To Tax Software

You can export data from TradeAccountant™ to tax software. From the File menu, select Export/To Tax Software. Select the appropriate file format, account name, and tax year for your export.

Export To Tax Software Dialog Box

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