1099 Reconciliation Wizard
A tool to assist your review process.  Now you can click on our wizard and follow a guided reconciliation process.  Discover hard to find errors.

Baseline Reconciliation Wizard
A tool to assist your review process.  Now you can quickly identify transaction sequence errors or missing account information.

Auto Expire Old Option Contracts
In addition to capturing option information for select brokerages, you can automatically find and expire old contracts.

Fills to Lots -
Find multiple Fills and turn them into Lots.  This could reduce the number or transaction and Schedule D pages by 1/2.

Improved Short Sale Discovery
Find and fix Shorts, Longs, Buys and Covers that are our of sequence based on the date and time of your data.

Sequence Error Discovery
Discover and fix trades that are out of sequence and would otherwise cause Short Sale discovery to fail.

Basic 1099 P&L
New P&L View with simple Sale-Buy summary.  See the P&L and the grouped totals in one view.

Baseline Position Wizard
Determine the number of shares missing by providing your current positions an allowing TA to calculate your Baseline.

Gain/Loss Reporting Solution
TradeAccountant is an interactive, Accounting, Risk Management and Gain/Loss Reporting solution that offers custom tools that traders need.

Schedule D, 4797 & 6781 reporting plus P&L Charts
TradeAccountant automates and simplifies Lot Matching, Wash Sale Adjustment, Short Sale & Duplicate Discovery, Mark-to-Market Adj., Schedule D, 4797 & 6781 reporting plus P&L Charts.

Decimal Precision - from 0 to 6 digits
Depending on your tax software, decimal precision is an issue.  TA allows you to choose the precision of reports, views and exports.

Capital Gains - 1040 Schedule D Report
Generate a capital gains 1040 schedule D report.  Change the year selection to generate a capital gains 1040 schedule D for any supported year.  Also generate a 4797 report.  Aggregate several accounts into one report by selecting "All" while in the report screen.

Several 1040 Schedule D Report View
Active trading results in a potentially complex Schedule D.  TA offers a Simple Schedule D view that hide all the details but also provides an IRS Schedule D that accounts for the details but is more complex plus TA provides a Detailed Schedule D view that exposes all the details.

Trades are Grouped Automatic using FIFO
Enter transactions in any order.  TA can retain data for multiple years and allow you to select the year you are interesting in reporting.  Even edit data entered earlier.  Recalculation takes seconds with thousands of trades.

Manual Match Trades
Simple use the Groups Screen then Point and click to create manual groups.  TA recalculation the remaining transactions in seconds.

Wash Sale Switch (On or Off)
Wash Sale is calculated each time a change is made and only takes seconds with thousands of trades.  Or you can switch wash sale off. Wash sale is applied across all account within TA.  Also view the Wash Sale Event report to gain insight.

Wash Sale Adjusted Dates
Wash Sale can change the date of a new position.  Because this can confuse a report we allow you to switch this on or off so you can better understand the affect of wash sale.

Multiple Account Support
TAPro supports multiple brokers.  Organize trades into separate accounts for easier management.  Edit one account at a time then view all accounts in one Gain/Loss report with the click of a button.

Copy trades from a web browser! 
Paste transaction history captured from select broker's web site and import into TradeAccountant.  - 
supported broker list

Why Retype Data - Import! 
Import from Excel? (.CSV), Quicken? or Microsoft? Money (QIF)!  Use Quicken or Money to download data then export to TradeAccountant.  Or use our all new import wizard to import most files - and remember the settings for repeat usage.

Ungrouped Discovery
Audit Brokerage Gain Loss Reports!  Discovery missing trades by viewing ungrouped trades.

"One Click" Download!
From Select Brokers -
supported broker list

Export to TurboTax, TaxCut, UltraTax, TaxWise, ProSeries and Excel
Export Capital Gains results with Wash Sale Indication to generate a 1040 Schedule D.

The Security of a Desktop solution
Fast and secure access to your data.

Try Before you Buy Sales Model
Trial version allows you to view various report if the total number of transactions is less than 25.  This version supports taxes for current and prior years.


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