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TradeAccountant Pro Cost Basis
TradeAccountant Pro Cost Basis
TradeAccountant Pro Cost Basis

Our Promise

"You can finish your tax reports with TAPro or we will refund your money."

Buy with confidence, knowing we have alway upheld our promise! We are a Jersey City, NJ software company. For over 10 years, traders have used TAPro to track, report and improve their trading results. Tax Advisors use TAPro to reconcile 1099s and prepare client tax reports. Private Fund managers use TAPro-CB to calculate wash sales for Wall Street Concepts.

- Fill IRS 8949, 4797, 6781 and Sch D-1
- Reconcile your 1099
- Export to Tax SW

Wash Sales Within and/or Between Accounts... Brokerages only calculate wash sales within your account. Did you know, the IRS states that you must calculate wash sales within and between your accounts. This means 1099s are an estimate and you need to complete IRS forms with final results. TAPro calculates wash sales within and between accounts so you can generate accurate tax reports.

Tax Reports... Install the free trial and try it yourself. If you need an overview, send us an email to schedule time. Our founder is a cost basis expert for brokerages. He has experience with every major cost basis reporting solution and has spent a career parsing data.

Calculate Wash Sales and Cost Basis...
We offer a regulatory cost-basis solution providing the functionality necessary for compliance with EESA cost basis regulations.

Trade Journal and Tax Reports... Serious traders keep a trade journal. TAPro keeps you informed and your trades organized and ready for tax reporting. TAPro reconciles your 1099 and calculates wash sales, then prints reports or generate a .txf file that imports into tax software like: TurboTax(tm) and TaxCut(tm).

Import Transaction History...
TAPro includes import filters for loading transactions and symbols. If you have questions, visit Data Import for tips.

Trusted by Accountants for 12+ years... The IRS has accepted TAPro reports 100% of the time. If you are a trader or a tax advisor, you can now save time and fill tax reports with TAPro.

Toolbox (Reconciliation and Reports)...
TAPro includes insightful reconciliation tools, views and reports. For example, TAPro enables you to view reports with Original Trade Dates or Adjusted Trade Dates. This is important because transactions use Original Trade Dates whereas 1099s use Adjusted Trade Dates.

For Reconciliation help, visit: FAQ and Answers.

Support...We work with you to resolve data import issues. To save time, send us the file. We will resolve the issues and share custom solution steps, when required. If you want to save more time, we can do all of the work (price based on agreement).

Trusted by brokerages. Clearing firm certified.

Quick Start


1. Install TAPro (see above right).

2. Type, edit or import trades. Visit Import Data for tips. For help, send your data file to Support. TAPro can import .CSV, .OFX and .QFX files.

3. Reconcile your data so every closing trade has a prior opening trade. Visit Reconcile for tips.

4. Select Tax Reports to review results on screen. Select "Display Mode" to select a tax report or to view the "Wash Sales Event Summary Report". Also see View/Properties Tax Reports to change a report.

5. Select Export to send data to a .txf file or to Tax Software. TAPro maintains multiple years of data. Select the year you want to report by adjusting the From and To dates.

Select View/Properties to switch Wash Sales on or off.

Reconcile and report better results.

You can import data for multiple years and multiple brokerages, then set a data range with a mouse click to report one tax year. Enter trades in any order and TAPro will instantly create tax lots (using FIFO) if the opening trades are before the closing trades.

You can use the Groups/Display View = Change Groups to create manual grouping at any time with mouse clicks. Or change Long trades into Short trades to fix data issues from the Transactions/Display View = Positions - Reconciliation using right mouse while focused on the trade.

You can edit a trade with a double click and modify the Cost Basis. TAPro includes a reconciliation wizard and tools for Short Sale, Options (close hundreds at a time), Market to Market, Corporate Actions and more.

You can also export a transactions file, a symbol file or a corporate actions file, edit, then import corrections.

Generate accurate tax reports.

Sampling of Features:

  • Automatic file import for select brokerages
  • Sync import for participating brokerages
  • Flexible standard imports .CSV, .OFX, .XML
  • More imports Show Brokerage Imports
  • Fast trade fixes "Right Mouse, Click"
  • Symbol correction - edit or import
  • Penny trades (5,000,000 sh @ $0.0001)
  • Equity options expiration wizard
  • Index options expiration wizard
  • Exclusive web reports portal
  • Corporate Actions view
  • Open Positions view
    A complete solution ...
  • Includes unlimited trades
  • Includes multiple accounts
  • Includes performance reports
  • Includes Marked to Market wizard
  • Wash Sale between accounts (on/off)
  • Wash Sale within any account (on/off)
  • Wash Sale between Long and Short (on/off)
  • Detailed Wash Sales and Summary reports
  • Includes Free software upgrades and updates
  • Import/Export symbol table
  • Import/Export trades by account
  • Edit symbol names in one central place
  • Import standard .OFX, .QFX, .QIF and .CSV files
  • Software digitally signed by Sync Essentials, Inc.
  • OFX import certified by Penson Financial Services.

TradeAccountant Pro (TAPro) is the first desktop solution with controls that enable you to select wash sales scenarios and wash sales on or off within and between accounts.

Get TAPro

    Download TAPro 3.8

    Select "Save" if offered.

    After the file is on your desktop, select right-mouse on the icon for the downloaded file and "install as Administrator".

Free Trial Key

Free trial license key: tempkey. Also see this page for helpful notes ... Trial Keys

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To export data and printing reports ...
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  • March 2016:
    Instant license key generation process updated.
  • Sample 8949
  • Sample Schedule D-1
  • Supported Securities

      Stocks, Call Options (Equity), Put Options (Equity), Call Options (Index), Put Options (Index), Exchange Traded Funds, Bonds, Futures and FOREX (use the block size and multiplier setting to scale the Amount)

    What Customers Say

    • TAPro desktop solution was very helpful when doing taxes. The use of the schedule D format and being able to show exact profit and loss was invaluable. Highly recommend TAPro to everyone - Edward C....
    • Being an active trader, I am not sure what I would do without TradeAccountant. The quarterly and year end process would me much more difficult. - Michael...
    • I like Tapro, I have used it for years. - John S. ...
    • I finished last year's Schedule D (3,000 trades) in record time...
    • TradeAccountant saved my life. I was able to finish my Schedule D...
    • I have been using your product for the past 4 years. I tell all of my friends about it...
    • Thanks for your help. I was not sure how to reconcile 30,000 trades. You guys must be rocket scientists...
    • I use TAPro for trading penny stocks. Decimal precision is important to me...

    Performance Tracking

      Use TAPro throughout the year to; track performance, reconcile trade confirms against trading history and improve trading decisions by analyzing past performance.


    Trusted and Certified

      Trusted for 10 years, OFX import certified by Penson Financial Services. Supported by brokerages, editorial reviews by Stocks and Commodities Magazine and (4 out of 5 stars). Used by CPAs, and leading Tax Pros...

    Why TradeAccountant

    • According to the best trading coaches in the industry, if you want to get better results trading, you need a system and a way to measure your progress. This means keeping track of your trades.
    • Serious traders need a tool that can reconcile trades, close options, apply Mark to Market and generate reports that meet the needs of your tax adviser and the IRS. Most perform this task on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 250
    Jersey City, New Jersey 07303

    Phone: 201 898 5667