Simply Track your Gains™

Get a License Key

I. Trial Mode:

When TAPro is first installed it appears similar to the following:

    1. To enable TAPro, select Enter License Key and enter a key (see below).

II. License Keys:

TAPro is intended for usage by individuals for their own tax reporting. Usage of TAPro by tax advisors is subject to separate agreement. TAPro and TAPro-CB (Cost Basis) use different license keys. To enable TAPro in free trial mode, use this key: tempkey

TAPro-CB is intended for usages by Trust Funds and Brokerages and includes additional cost basis reporting tools. To enable TAPro-CB in free trial mode, use this key: tempkey-cb If you have questions, or if you need the installation package for TAPro-CB, Click Here - to send E-mail.

    1. Enter a Key:

    • If you have a License Key, enter it now.
    • Manual Authentication is available for computers isolated from the internet, for security reasons.

    2. If the software seems confused you can reset registration:

    • While TAPro is open, select CTRL-R to reset registration.
    • Launch TAPro again and enter a License Key.

III. Renewal Steps:

    1. Check for the latest update
    2. Launch TAPro and select File/Update Registration
    3. Copy your current key for usage during your renewal discount
    4. Select Buy Now within TAPro or from our site
    5. Follow the steps to obtain a new key
    6. Renewal Discount: After you have completed your purchase:
        Click Here - to send E-mail with the following:

    • Subject: "Renewal Discount Request"
    • Message: "I renewed TAPro and would like a 10% discount. My prior license key is:"

IV. Trial Expired - Buy Now:

If trial mode has expired, please select Buy Now