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The TAPro free trial key is: tempkey
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List Price: $89.95
(Save your tax preparer 1 hour by doing some work yourself and TAPro has paid for itself!)

For new customers:

  • Select Buy Now and fill the fields.
  • PayPal will confirm your order and show a 17 character "Transaction ID".
  • Allow 24 hrs. for the TA team to load the "Transaction ID" into our license key server.
  • After 24 hrs. use the "Transaction ID" as your license key.
  • Send email to if your key is not active after 24 hrs.
  • Please enable your email inbox to receive email from:

Renewal Steps

    1. Check for the latest update
    2. Launch TAPro and select File/Update Registration

    3. Copy your current key for usage during your renewal discount
    4. Select Buy Now within TAPro or from our site
    5. Follow the steps to obtain a new key
    6. Renewal Discount: After you have completed your purchase:
        Click Here - to send E-mail with the following:

    • Subject: "Renewal Discount Request"
    • Message: "I renewed TAPro and would like a 10% discount. My prior license key is:"

Price Model:

Your purchase includes reporting for the current and prior years. The price is subject to change without notice. Your TAPro purchase includes software updates during the life of your license. A typical license is for 1 year and supports reporting for prior years. At renewal we typically offer a renewal discount. Our pricing models requires annual resell of the product to fund development.

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